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We offer expert and top quality roof painting services of Adelaide home owners. Being a Dulux certified Roof painter ensures that each and every Adelaide roof painting job is covered by the Dulux roof painting warranty. While other apparent roof painters will try to sell you every home improvement under the sun, we just specialise in what we know best, roof painting in Adelaide, and wont try to sell you any other service.

We offer up front advice from word go and don’t have any sales people or sales tactics. For the best roof painting in Adelaide, request a quote today.


The vast majority of our roof painting work is always concrete tiled roofs. Concrete tiled roofs perform particularly well in Australia and have been the roof of choice on millions of Australian homes for decades. Unlike other roof tile types a concrete tiled roof can benefit significantly both aesthetically and performance with the investment of professional roof painting. Following roof painting the concrete tiles will no longer be porous and absorbing rain water with each rain event. This ensures the integrity of the tile is not being repeatedly compromised and leads to many more years of life from the roof.


We are a proud partner of the Dulux Acratex brand. We have undertaken all the training and testing required to become a certified roof painter and can therefore offer clients a 15 year Dulux warranty over the new roof coating with every roof painting job.

Roof Pressure Cleaning

Ultra high pressure water is used at this step to remove all the years of dirt and grime stuck to the surface of the tile. In many cases even the original glaze is removed from the tile giving us a great surface from which to prime. We don’t use chemicals or any additives just ultra high pressure cleaning for the tiled roof.

Replacement Roof Tiles

At this step we change any and all broken and chipped roof tiles. In most cases our replacement roof tiles are used versions as their surface will match all other tiles on the roof after being coated.

Roof Repointing

We now repoint each and every ridge and hip cap tile on the roof. We use the best quality flexible roof pointing compound. The flexible nature of the new pointing means that it wont crack with the slightest of movement as the original cement based pointing did.

Roof Coating

The final steps of a quality roof painting process is the colour coating. For all our roof painting we use the best primer and colour coat on the market, being Dulux Acratex. We use the Hi-build primer from Dulux on every one of our jobs. It gives a fantastic finished appearance of the roof and ensure the surface of the tiles is no longer porous.

Roof Painting with Solar Panels

If your roof already has solar panels but you are worried there might be broken tiles or problems under the panels then we can arrange to have our solar electricians remove and reinstall your panels. If you want to ensure we can apply the roof painting to every part of the roof then this is a great investment for an older home. If you roof is relatively new and you have no plans to reconfigure your solar array any time soon then we can simply leave the panels where they are and paint around them. For more advice on this Get a quote.


A small, local business!

We are a local Adelaide roof painting company. We aren’t a big multi state company or a franchised business. We don’t have a call centre. When you call or enquire online with us we personally respond.

No sales tactics

Most people have heard about the roofing telemarketers or the door to door sales people trying to sell you roof painting.  We don’t do any of that and have no sales based staff at all. We just know roof painting and rely on our upfront approach and quality service.

$100 Deposit

We don’t pressure anyone by taking big deposits to lock people in. It costs just $100 to accepat one of our quotes and book the job in.

Online Quotes

When you call us or send an enquiry we will inspect your roof straight away via our online aerial imagery software. For the vast majority of roof painting quotes we are able to issue a formal quote just based from our imagery.

Quality products

We strictly use the Dulux Acratex range of products on our roof painting jobs. Dulux is the industry leader and have the strongest and longest warranties backing up their products.


Definitely not. In Adelaide we conduct roof painting all year round. The duration of jobs can be a little longer in winter as there are less good weather days that support the roof spray painting part of the job. We pause our metal roof painting jobs and Adelaide hills jobs for the coldest and wettest months of the year until the warmer weather returns in spring.

There are many colours in the Dulux Acratex range. All standard Colourbond colours are also reflected in the range. Any colour can be chosen regardless of the original roof colour. The Dulux Acratex has many standard colours that can suit any home. View the Dulux Acratex colour chart

Yes we can certainly paint a previously painted roof. With many houses in Adelaide reaching the 40 – 50 year age bracket it is becoming more and more common for us to undertake roof painting in a roof that has been previously painted. Typically the Dulux 15 year warranty does not apply in this case and we issue a 5 year roof painting warranty directly.

In good weather we can typically turn around a roof painting job in around one week. There are usually on 3 – 4 days work required to complete a roof painting job however during the colder months this could be closer to two weeks as we need to wait for good weather days to apply the coating.

Typically roof painting cannot be done successfully or with any warranty on a Terracotta roof. Often a Terracotta roof has started to fret or turn brittle and may be more suited to a roof replacement.

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As we are a certified applicator with Dulux we are able to forward our clients a Dulux 15 year warranty with every completed roof painting project. Previously painted roofs receive a 5 year warranty directly from us.

We service almost all of the greater Adelaide CBD. We figure a job is a job and are happy to really go anywhere. We also do a lot of roof painting work in the Adelaide Hills. Check our service area on our Google business listing.

Yes we can certainly offer this upgrade by way of the Dulux Acratex Cool Roof Paint. The product works extremely well as is very popular with many clients.

Yes, the incredible aesthetic improvement is just one of the many benefits of roof painting for your Adelaide roof. No leaks and a roof ready for solar are among many others. For more information visit our blog page on how to extend the lifespan of your roof.

Yes we are fully licenced building work contractors and our licence can be checked on the OCBA website. We hold 20 million public liability policy at all times.

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