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When your Terracotta or concrete tiled roof has reached the end of its serviceable life, or If you just want to improve the overall performance and aesthetic appeal of your roof then give us a call. We specialise in roof replacement to the greater Adelaide area. We don’t do new houses or volume builders. We source 100% of our work and business revenue from roof replacement projects directly engaged to Adelaide home owners.

We offer up front advice from word go and don’t have any sales people or sales tactics. For the best roof replacement in Adelaide, request a quote today.


Almost all of our roof replacement projects are taking an original tiled roof and converting it to an Insulated Colourbond roof. There are many benefits to this type of roof conversion. The new Insulated Colourbond Roof is ten times lighter than the original tiled roof. Colourbond roofing allows us the option of lining the new roof sheeting with foil backed Insulated blanket and gives the home owner a much quieter and significantly better Insulated roof, both thermally and acoustically. In bushfire areas there are even further benefits by way of fewer gaps and holes in the roof for ember attack. Vermin ingress such as possums in a roof is also significantly reduced with the quality installation of a Colourbond roof.

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We only use Bluescope Colourbond steel for all our roof replacement projects. It is still the only product that is completely Australian made and still comes with the longest and strongest warranties for your new roof.

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Every house is different and therefore the cost of roof replacement for each house can vary. Some of the factors with the greatest influence on cost are roof pitch, site access and overall roof area. The vast majority of house across Adelaide which we undertake roof replacements to are single story, a roof pitch of 25 degrees or less and between 200 and 250 square metres. For the majority of these projects our usual quoted price is between $25,000 and $30,000 + GST.

The above price guide includes roof insulation installed directly under the new roof sheeting.

With our subscription to the incredible Near Maps service we are able to bring up a recent image of your roof and able to take super accurate measurements. This technology combined with our extensive history of having undertaken hundreds of roof replacement projects around Adelaide means in most cases we can send you a formal quote for a roof replacement almost instantly and prior to a site visit.


When undertaking a roof replacement with us we handle the solar side of things for you. Most people really don’t want to be on the phone to multiple trades and just want a seamless job managed by one entity. We have several solar small business that work with us every week removing and reinstalling solar. They are also great guys to use if you want to upgrade your solar system during the roof replacement process. For more advice on this Get a quote.

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A small, local business!

We are a local Adelaide roof replacement company. We aren’t a big multi state company or a franchised business. We don’t have a call centre. When you call or enquire online with us we personally respond.

No sales tactics

Most people have heard about the roofing telemarketers or the door to door sales people trying to sell you roofing.  We don’t do any of that and have no sales based staff at all. We just know roof replacements and rely on our upfront approach and quality service.

$100 Deposit

We don’t pressure anyone by taking big deposits to lock people in. It costs just $100 to accepat one of our quotes and book the job in.

Online Quotes

When you call us or send an enquiry we will inspect your roof straight away via our online aerial imagery software. For the vast majority of roof replacement quotes we are able to issue a formal quote just based from our imagery.


Pretty much everybody remains in their home for the duration of work. We will have skip bins in the driveway and materials set down on site so parking of cars is often on the street for a few days. There is obviously some noise from men working on the roof but that is as bad as it gets.

Yes we are a fully licenced building work contractor with OCBA and our licence can be searched on their website. We carry 20 million public liability insurance at all times.

We are very careful how we undertake the reroofing process and don’t take any risks with weather. In the winter months we never remove more roof then we can be confident of re-installing in the same day.

Yes, if we know in advance we can arrange our ceiling Insulation contractor to remove the old insulation, vacuum roof space and reline the ceiling with new batts. We plan this work to be done several days before the main roof is replaced.

An average roof replacement takes around 1 week from start to finish.

The new colourbond Insulated roof is around 10 times lighter than the original tiled equivalent. This has other benefits throughout the home such as less roof structure sagging and less cracks in walls in coming years.

Refer to the above section on the page regarding reroofing costs.

Yes an Iron or Colourbond roof will be much louder during rain events than the tiled roof if it is not lined with Insulated blanket. The blanket lining goes directly under the roof sheeting and really helps in thermal and especially acoustic Insulation of the roof and home.

We give a lifetime warranty specifically covering our workmanship. The warranty on next Colourbond roof sheeting is 20 – 30 years depending on local factors.

Certainly. Just ask us for a list of addresses. We have done so many reroofing jobs around Adelaide that its highly likely we have done a few near you too.

Yes, In fact most properties we undertake roof replacement to these days already have a roof top solar system installed. We handle all this for you and just get our solar electricians to temporarily remove and reinstall the solar panels for you.

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